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Beautiful interiors designed in the most sophisticated style do not have to be expensive. We believe in simplicity of modern style and solid materials, resulting in a perfect combination of elegance and functional advantages. High gloss bathroom furniture, cabinets, sideboards, TV units or other elements are chosen for the most luxurious houses all around the UK.

MEX Furniture has prepared a unique offer, which consists of quality elements, available at attractive prices. Browse the offer to find the perfect solution for your bedroom, living or dining room, bathroom and other space in your home. Thanks to the universality of high gloss TV cabinets, other units and sideboards, they are used as well in more traditional interiors, perfectly combining with toned down colours.

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1. Sideboard

Modern stylistic solutions chosen for the most contemporary living and dining rooms, as well as interiors designed in the most traditional of styles. The choice includes high gloss sideboards in a wide range of colours and furniture with matt finish. Their aesthetic appearance is supplemented with aluminium handles and other precisely manufactured details.

2. Tv unit and cabinets

Great aesthetics and high functionality for your living room or bedroom. Most often selected for modern interiors, but available as well in toned down colours, which make it suitable for traditional space. High gloss TV cabinets are manufactured in a variety of versions, including models with glass elements, as well as very interesting units with LED lighting.

3. Bathroom furniture

Small cabinets as well as much taller storages manufactured from laminated chipboard and MDF. Their solidity goes along greatly with modern aesthetic appearance, more and more frequently chosen by professional interior designers and demanding customers. High gloss bathroom furniture comes in a great diversity of colours and finish types to suit your needs.

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