High gloss Sideboards

Contemporary elegance of this quite a traditional piece of furniture makes it highly universal – the cupboards harmoniously blend in with more classic interiors and at the same time perfectly combine with the most modern design. Each high gloss sideboard is available in several different colours, from the most extravagant into toned down, ideal for luxurious homes. Aluminium handles, precise finish of every corner and edge, result in fantastic aesthetic appearance of the furniture, as well as their durability over the years of use.

Universal Aesthetics

They can be used in living, dining rooms, as an elegant storage for tableware or other smaller accessories. We prepared for you quite a selection of styles and colours, so that you can find a high gloss sideboard, which will discreetly complement your space or extravagantly catch the eye of a visitor. What is more, it really does not matter, whether you are more into traditional or modern interiors – they will fit in with your designs and ideas of a perfect space.

LED High Gloss Sideboards

Skilful and creative use of LED lighting gives the most amazing results. Our cupboards can be equipped with lighting, which will change along with your mood – or design. Delicate blue, discreet browns, strong reds... pick the colour for your space and enjoy the most unique piece of furniture you can get!

TV Cabinets

Let’s face it – we all enjoy a quiet evening in front of a TV screen, watching our favourite shows. With our high gloss sideboard TV cabinet, you can do it in style. At the same time, with all the drawers and shelves, all essential items can be stored neatly away to preserve that elegant, clean look of your interior.

Quality Production

One of the strengths of the available sets is the attention to details paid during their production. MDF and laminated chipboard are selected based on their quality – to make sure every item is not only stunning aesthetically, but also rigid, reliable and will serve you for years to come. The same comes with handles, feet and any other extra accessories that come with the high gloss sideboard. We do make sure, that you get the exact item you were looking for.

Every cabinet comes with all of the necessary elements and fittings required for its assembly, so you can perform it on your own. When you have questions, our experts are at your disposal – feel free to contact us for more information whenever you have a problem with assembly of your high gloss sideboard.

Browse our offer and find the most fitting, stylish piece of furniture for your home.